Monday, October 28, 2013


For several years I have known about National Novel Writing Month and thought it was too ambitious for me. Of course there are a lot of reasons why this month isn't a good timetwo family weddings, travel, Thanksgiving, I already get up before dawn, trying to stay focused on exercise, keeping my eye on the prize with healthy eating, home projects, and the list goes on. In the past I've done other things that I thought were very unlikely, like participating in a half marathon.

There's never a perfect time to do anything.  As my mom says, it's always something. But if not now, when? The stars will never line up perfectly for me to write a book so November is a good a time as any. The one thing that I always have is plenty of ideas.

My friend Megan from Anatomy of A Mother signed up with me (at my request) so I've really got to do it now.  I'm officially signed up on the NaNoWriMo site and am only slightly terrified.  I know it doesn't have to be great, it just has to get done.  Any whole draft gives you something to revise and edit, and that's when the magic happens.
What is this library carrel missing? Me!
I haven't written anything book length since my master's thesis way back in 2006.  I have the time, even if it means getting up even earlier (right now I get up around 6), typing quietly while Babyface sleeps, trading childcare with other moms, going to local write-ins, and sneaking out to the library with my laptop.

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