Monday, October 14, 2013

Déjà Vu

I was looking online for links to old news articles that I wrote when I came across my name mentioned in a journal that did not sound familiar.

A few clicks later, I came across a photograph I took.  I had completely forgotten that it made the cover of a literary journal back in 2007.

I took this picture in Tlaquepaque, Mexico, in 2006, the year before it was published.  My mom lived in Mexico for many years and my siblings and I visited more than a few times.  Sometimes we would take the deluxe bus to other places and Tlaquepaque was one of the places that we traveled.  We were there in December, after Christmas, and it felt like summer. My siblings, mom, and I perused the artisan's market, walked around the historical district, and ate authentic and delicious food. 

How could I forget something great, like having a photograph make the cover of a wonderful if slightly obscure literary journal?  What other great things have I forgotten?

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