Sunday, January 10, 2010

2010 Goals

1. Read 100 books this year. I’ve never counted how many books I read in any given year but think this is doable, including the books I listen to on CD. Throw in books read during travel time and on vacation and I bet it can be done!

2. Meet with my awesome writing group more regularly. My goal is four times this year, and if we can't do in-person then we can continue electronically.

3. Submit, submit, submit. That's right — to do three submissions mailings. I need to get my writing on the door and get the rejections flowing in. I've found that I average nearly 75 rejections per acceptance. So all of the rejections just bring me that much closer to an acceptance.

4. Blog regularly. To be more specific (and to have a measurable goal), I'm aiming for 200 blog posts this year.

5. Participate in 2 races. For one of them, raise money for a worthy cause (I’m thinking breast cancer). For the other one, go outside my comfort zone. 5Ks used to be really challenging to me, now I go that far at least once a week. Perhaps an 8K is next on the agenda. Just got new workout shoes so now I can go faster!

6. Eat vegetarian food 90% of the time. Reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, In Defense of Food, The Omnivore’s Dilemma, and Eating Animals, as well as seeing Food Inc. have made me aware of what the food choices I make mean. I have found a hippie store that sells grain-fed meat raised on pasture without drugs that I can feel better about eating that factory farmed meat. I tried to go vegetarian last summer but a few months later I went back to my flexitarian ways. This year I haven’t eaten much meat — one meal contained it, was a side dish.

Fun & Friends
7. Try 10 new things. I tend to do the things I know I like – go to restaurants I like, see the same people at the same places. I want to break out of my rut and try new things, even if they are small.

8. Show that friendship is important. Between work and working out and other commitments, sometimes seeing friends gets pushed to the back burner. So I need to schedule seeing friends at least once a week. I've learned that making plans in advance works well for me since I can almost never do anything at the last minute. (Am I a planner? Guilty as charged.) I'm already on the books for crepes with a friend I love but rarely see.

9. Have fun with My Heart’s Desire at least once a month. We spend a lot of time together and do some fun stuff (go to movies, etc) but we also do chores a lot too. It would be good if we could focus on having fun together and enjoy life, rather than just doing chores.

10. Get a decent photo taken with My Heart’s Desire. Seriously, we haven’t had a good one taken since our wedding. He hates getting his picture taken so this will take some doing.

Wish me luck! What are your 2010 goals or resolutions?

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Michelle said...

I like your goals Amina! They are definitely inspiring. I have some vague goals set but want to make them more concrete! Good luck! I know you will be succesful in accomplishing them.