Friday, November 5, 2010

2010 Goals: October Progress

I set specific 2010 goals so here's an update on my October progress.

1. I read 9 books this month, so that's 73 books from January - October. I'm on track to read 100 books this year.

2. My writer's group caught up over coffee and went to an author reading. We heard Andre Dubus III read from his forthcoming memoir Townie. It was a phenomenal reading, probably the best one I've ever been to. I loved his book House of Sand and Fog (read my review here). This was also a milestone year for my MFA writing program, so I went to an event to celebrate it and saw many of my former classmates, teachers, and mentor.

3. Yes, I am happy to report a poetry submission for October. I've been a bit sporadic in my submissions and I figure a little something is better than a lot of nothing. I average 50 rejections per acceptance, so if I want to get something published I need to get a lot of rejections first.

4. This is my 152nd post of the year, so all is on schedule for me to meet my goal of 200 posts this year.

5. I met my goals of participating in 2 races, raise money for a worthy cause, and go outside my comfort zone. I have participated in four races: Earth Day 5K, Girls on the Run 5K, Race for the Cure 5K (where I raised money with my Furiously Walking team), and in September I participated in a Half Marathon! October was a lot more relaxed, with yoga, walks and some more walks.

6. My original goal was to eat vegetarian 90% of the time. This month I did not keep track of how many meat vs. vegetarian meals I ate. I'm still enjoying produce from the CSA and trying to cook healthy meals. I made spaghetti squash (based on Facebook suggestions) from the CSA and it was terrific. I made spaghetti squash from the grocery store and it wasn't nearly as good.

Fun & Friends

7. A new thing I tried in September was visiting the "What Makes Us Laugh?" exhibit at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore. It was my first time at the museum and I really enjoyed the exhibit and laughed and smiled a lot. The museum features a lot of work by non-professional artists, mostly of the self-taught variety.

8. I exceeded my goal of seeing friends at least once a week. I went on walks with a friend, got a fancy pedicure with a friend, went to a baby shower, a new life/housewarming party, and attended an alumni event for my undergrad university.

9. My Heart's Desire and I had a pretty low-profile month. We went to a wedding (the last of the 2010 weddings, as far as I know) on a perfect fall day. We also enjoyed going on walks, watching movies, and made our first fire of the fall on Halloween Eve.

10. Photo taken of My Heart's Desire and I? No. Maybe we could get a decent photo of us taken in November but I'm not holding my breath.

Bonus! It's All Relative.
11. My father-in-law came down for a weekend and stayed with us one night. We all went out with My Heart's Desire's aunt and uncle and cousins and toddler for dinner (kabobs, of course). It was very nice that My Heart's Desire and his dad got to spend some time together.

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