Tuesday, October 19, 2010


In the spring, when my half marathon training kicked off, I realized I wanted to be outside more. So I quit the gym, happy to be no longer paying the monthly dues, and saw the world as my gym. Well, the world and some workout DVDs I borrowed from Netflix. Considering what I paid for swimming and race fees, it probably worked out to the same amount of money, but because I had so many different experiences, I feel like I got a lot more.

Since I am done with the walk/run training (yay! but I do miss it sometimes), I've been keeping my eye out for something new to try. When there was a deal for 10 yoga classes for $29, I bought them. I've done yoga with Rodney Yee for ages. I had a VHS tape of his A.M. yoga, which I actually wore out after watching and rewinding it for years and years so I replaced it with a DVD.

The yoga classes I've taken before were either at my fancy gym in L.A., or at a hippie studio that smells like nag champa. So that's what I was expecting when I went to the fitness studio for my yoga classes. Instead, I found a youngish guy who said peace about 15 times in 50 minutes and we practiced yoga to Bob Marley. No nag champa, no hippies, not even a dreadlock!

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