Saturday, February 27, 2010

Love + Marriage

2010 is the year of getting hitched! We have already received one wedding invitation, three formal and two informal save-the-dates — and it's only February! My Heart's Desire is seriously considering buying a tuxedo. I'm very excited! I love love and I love cake!

I wanted to elope, but My Heart's Desire didn't and we ended up having a small wedding. While I eloping would have been fun, I am glad that we didn't. I have never felt as loved as I did on my wedding day. Our wedding was really us, from walking down the aisle in my pink dress to Barry White to the ceremony (started with: Marriage is what brings us together today, from my favorite movie, The Princess Bride) to his level cufflinks (they worked) to the squished pennies my BFF had made for the occasion to the things that went wrong and all the things that were right.

Attending other people's weddings witnesses their love and commitment and shares in their love. And on a wedding day, there's more than enough love to go around.

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