Saturday, November 13, 2010

Today I sent out my Sunday School class curriculum, admired the fall leaves, went to meet a friend for brunch, got stuck in horrible traffic (repaving the parkway meant my 15 minute drive took an hour and a half!), showed up late, she was very understanding, caught up over a yummy vegan sandwich at Le Pain Quotidien, met a mentee for coffee, had tea instead, walked and chatted and enjoyed a perfect fall day, ran into some friends still tanned from their honeymoon, gave advice about which type of pots and pans to buy (the kind where the handles don't get hot!  learn from my mistake, I really wish I had spent the extra money), went to My Heart's Desire's cousin house for family fun time, met an adorable infant, had dinner, and came home to get ready for tomorrow.

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Mardell said...

That sounded like a glorious day, minus the LA traffic in DC!