Sunday, May 19, 2013

This I Believe

While driving, I exclusively listen to books on CD that I've borrowed from the library.  Usually I like to listen to novels.  When else do adults get to hear someone telling them a story?

On a lark, I picked up a book I had never heard of.  This I Believe is a series of essays by many authors, each focusing on one strongly held personal belief.  The authors are all different types of people connected by these essays.  I listened to This I Believe: The Personal Philosophies of Remarkable Men and Women and for some of the essays I drove slow.  The essays are all read by the authors and it's great to hear them in the author's voice, particularly Gloria Steinem's.  I recently mentioned the essay entitled "Always go to the funeral" to a friend and it sparked a very interesting discussion.  Some of the essays spoke to me more than others (I'll admit I skipped past a few). I'm glad I listened to it. It's had me wondering how I could sum up my most important belief so succinctly.

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