Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Good, Medium, Skip

I really liked Ayelet Waldman's Love and Other Impossible Pursuits, a novel about a woman who loses her one day old baby to SIDS.   This novel explores what happens afterwards to her marriage, her relationships with friends and her stepson, and her grief.  Honest and unflinching, this book was hard to put down.

As I've mentioned, I really like Marian Keyes' books.  I bought The Mystery of Mercy Close and practically inhaled it.  It did make me want to go to Ireland, as most of her books do.  It wasn't my favorite of her books but it wasn't bad either.  It's definitely something to check out from the library. 

There's been a lot of hooplah around The House Girl by Tara Conklin. I read some positive reviews and put my name on the list at the library.  While I was reading it, I was wondering if I was reading the same book as everyone else.  I found the writing to be mediocre, the story drags, and it had many elements that didn't pay off.  I also didn't connect with the present-day main character.  I finished the book waiting for something to happen to make me care.

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