Thursday, July 1, 2010

2010 Goals: June Progress

I set specific 2010 goals so here's an update on my June progress.

1. I read 7 books this month, raising my yearly total to 48. As usual, I started a lot of books but didn't like them enough to finish.

2. My writing group did not meet this month but I have given myself a homework assignment. I'm writing an essay for Real Simple's contest. We are also scheduling a time to meet again.

3. Submit... This really is a chore. I thought I would get to it this month, but I haven't. I know no publication is going to knock on my door and ask to read my work, so I need to get cracking on this!

4. Yes, I am a blogging fool. This is my 107th post of the year, so I am ahead of schedule for 200 blog posts this year.

5. I met the first part of my goal, which was to participate in one race and to raise money for a worthy cause. Thank you again all who supported Furiously Walking! The second part of my goal is to go beyond my comfort zone and do something more challenging. This year I have been working on improving my running (and by that, I mean run/walking). A race announcement will be coming soon!

6. I exceeded my goal of eating vegetarian meals 90% of the time by eating veggie 98% of the time. I'm getting more into the groove of eating vegetarian meals. My CSA is providing fresh veggies every week that I am creating yummy meals around.

My Heart's Desire is also excellent on the grill. He grills burgers (veggie for me, meat for him) with fresh asparagus and corn or potatoes at least once a week. Yum! I'm also making summer salads for healthy lunches. My favorite now includes mixed greens, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, chickpeas, blue cheese, and pecans.

Fun & Friends
7. The Susan G. Komen Global Race for the Cure® was new to me and I did it with a friend.

8. Seeing friends. This month I saw friends a little bit less than once a week. I met friends for a mani-pedi, coffee, and a movie. I also had a tummy bug for about 8 days, which slowed me down and I cancelled plans with pals so I could keep it to myself.

9. My Heart's Desire and I had fun this month. We went for a nice walk, and the movies (Iron Man and Get Him to the Greek).

10. Photo taken of My Heart's Desire and I? Nope.

11. Bonus! It's All Relative. My Heart's Desire and I went to Delaware for some family fun with his family. And I went to Baltimore for my cousin's bridal shower.

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