Sunday, July 4, 2010

Race Announcement!

I met the first part of my 2010 fitness goal, which was to participate in one race and to raise money for a worthy cause. The second part of my goal is to go beyond my comfort zone and do something more challenging.

After talking to my fitness pal and several others who have done what I want to do, and taking a big leap, I signed up for a 1/2 Marathon this fall!

I've started training (the run/walk Galloway method) and have been consistent. Every week I do two short runs (no longer than an hour) and one slow long run, where distance is the goal. Yesterday I went for my longest run ever, nine miles! My Heart's Desire insisted that I play "Eye of the Tiger" at least once during my long run, and it makes me laugh when I hear it.

My goals for this race are to have fun and cross the finish line injury-free.


Marisa said...

Awesome! This month's Runner's World has a great article on half marathon training. I'm happy to share!

Amina said...

That would be great, would love to read! I'm a newbie at training and am trying to do the right things.