Monday, July 19, 2010

In Halves

My mom came for a visit recently and stayed at my home. She has many unique and endearing qualities, not the least of which is her fondness for half of something. In previous visits, she has offered me half a piece of gum and I'm not surprised when I find half a yogurt in the fridge.

"Just a half for me, thanks" she often says. I'm not sure where this came from, though thrift in general is a theme that runs steadily through my family. I also rinse out and reuse plastic bags and am not afraid to ask if an establishment has a coupon for those who forgot their coupon (this sometimes works!). On this visit, she asked if My Heart's Desire or I would share a Diet Coke with her.

After my mom's departure, I found half a piece of spelt bread in the kitchen and My Heart's Desire discovered half a dryer sheet in the laundry room. I knew he wouldn't eat the spelt bread (too healthy for him) but he wondered aloud if I had suddenly found dryer sheets 50% too big for my liking.

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Anonymous said...

Very funny!