Monday, September 23, 2013

This Is How I Stroll

One of my healthy goals this month has been to go for a 10 minute bonus walk after Babyface eats dinner.  My Heart's Desire and I eat after Babyface goes to bed, for a number of reasons, one of which is that we don't like to have dinner at 5pm.  

So every other day or so (weather permitting), I load Babyface up in the stroller and we go for a walk that is at least 10 minutes.  It's actually very hard to go for a walk that short because 5 minutes (a song and a half) into it, it's time to turn around.  And, yes, it takes almost 10 minutes to get everything organized and ready for the stroll. 

So our 10 minute walk often becomes a 20 or so minute walk.  It's also very nice to get out of the house between Babyface's dinner and bath routine.  I'm a firm believer in more fresh air contributing to a better night's sleep for him. 

These bonus walks are in addition to my regular workouts.  Back in January I decided to mark my workouts off on a calendar.  Instead of a big X, I write down what I did.  I try to work out for three or four days in a row, then take a day off.   

When I go for the bonus walk, I get a star on the calendar as well. It's very motivating to see workouts and stars. 

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