Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sugar Free Me!

Yes, you read that correctly.  Though all my teeth are sweet, it has been a month since I've given up sugar.  I have been making healthy changes for some time and it was suggested to me that giving up sugar could make a big difference.  This has actually been suggested to me for years and I was firmly unwilling.  Until now.  Healthy actions = healthy results

So I gave up all added sugars and sweets.  No more cookies or Safeway brownies or dipped ice cream cones on hot days.  No artificially sweetened treats either. The first two weeks I was really, really cranky.  I feared My Heart's Desire would grind up an Oreo and slip it into my Green Monster. I wrote emails to some clean eating friends and was told that the crankiness would pass.  I also realized how often I had a little nibble here, a cookie there, or a tablespoon of chocolate chips to make oatmeal tastier and how it all added up. 
The crankiness did fade rather suddenly on day 15 or 16.  All of a sudden, I felt less like Cookie Monster and more even throughout the day.  Also by refraining, all sweets were off the table rather than me trying to figure out how I could eat them. I also found this article about abstaining vs. moderating by Gretchen Rubin very interesting. I also don't drink, smoke, or ingest caffeine.  Clearly, I am an abstainer. 

I avoid added sugars and all sweets and have instituted a kibosh on them at home.  I do eat dairy products as well as a few pieces of fruit per day.  I find that I do feel better and the lion's share of the cravings for oh-so-sweet treats have passed.  Based on a clean eating friend's suggestion, I bought a Yonanas soft-serve maker (fruit is the only ingredient) and I will post a review of it soon.

The more I read about the effects of sugar, the happier I am to be sugar free. I'm not committing it to it for the long haul, neither am I planning to go back to eating sugar.  Perhaps an occasional sweet on a special occasion?  Maybe.  I'm trying not to be super strict with myself nor too lenient.  For now, I'm happy to be sugar-free.

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