Friday, July 5, 2013

Two Empty Shelves

I've found that I often mull over her ideas long after I've put the book down.   One of her secrets of adulthood is to keep an empty shelf.  I've always loved that idea but felt that it was impractical for me.  

My drive for spring cleaning came a bit late this year and was more like summer cleaning.  I have been taking the little bit at a time approach, which is what I can fit in around Babyface.   I cleaned off my bookshelves (who live in the guest room) and found lots of books and other things I could part with.   It occurred to me that I could have an empty shelf.  
Gloriously empty shelf
I was ruthless when it came to paring down to the essentials.   Out-of-date books were the first to go.   I looked at everything with a critical eye.   I liked having the empty shelf so much that I even made another one a few days later.  

Since Babyface became a very active toddler, there is always something underfoot and I do a sweep of the floor for play objects at least once a day.  I recently had some unexpected house guests and was so glad that I didn't have to scramble to make space for their stuff.   I even had a place to put their clean towels.

Nice and empty shelf
Seeing these shelves, beautiful in their openness, and knowing nothing belongs makes me feel happy and organized.  

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