Friday, July 12, 2013

I Like Jokes

Just as I was wondering what to write about, I saw my friend Kristen's post on No One's Hamster about celebrating one thing about ourselves each month. It came from My Full-Thyme Life and Healthy Tipping Point with its very own hashtag #12ThingsILoveAboutMeIt's so easy to focus on the things that need improvement and dismiss the good things.  

Without further ado, one thing I love about me is, without a doubt, my sense of humor.  I couldn't get through life without it. It's so important to see the funny side of things (er, even when at slightly inopportune times).  Many times I've broken the ice with a remark in jest. 

A few years ago, I was staying with My Heart's Desire's family for Thanksgiving, and he and I were going to see a movie.  I invited his cousin, and she asked what kind of a movie it was, and I told her it was a comedy.  

"No thanks," she responded, "I don't like comedy." 

I was speechless.  You don't like comedy?  How can that be?  You don't like laughing?  You don't like feeling happy?  

To me, that's like saying, "No thanks, I don't like food that tastes good."   Any day of the week I like a chuckle, a giggle, a belly laugh (or, as my mom would call it, a guffaw), or all three.


Kristin Blank said...

Thanks for the shootout :) I love this idea, and it actually reminded me of your "I am grateful for" posts, which are great!

Amina Hafiz Sarraf said...

I really liked your post too. It's amazing how my perspective has totally changed since becoming a mom. I love having family photos taken, not because I love the way I look in pictures (really, I don't), but because I remember how much love I felt when they were taken. I