Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bring It On, Reading Club

When Babyface and I went to the Noyes library for young children last week, I learned about a Reading Club where the children  encouraged to read (or to be read to) 120 books in 2013 to celebrate the library's 120th year.
Babyface's Reading List pg 1
Right now Babyface loves books and being read to.  He picks up books, comes over and tries to sit in my lap, puts the book in my hand and says read.  Okay, he doesn't say read he says dee but that means read.

In less than a week, I read him all of the books on the first page of the list many, many times each.  My Heart's Desire reads to him at least once a day also.  I'm so glad that Babyface loves books!  Though we have until the end of the year to read 120 books, it might not take us that long since I am kind of a ringer.  

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