Friday, July 19, 2013

Nowhere But Home

Liza Palmer's Nowhere But Home has something for everyone.  Whether you like stories about mothers and daughters, sisters, small town life, Texas, cooking, romantic love, family burdens, secrets, loss, acceptance, or have ever wondered about the last meals of death row inmates, this book has it covered.  If there's a lounge chair, flip-flops and sunscreen in your future, pick up a copy of this book.
I do have one small quibble.  If you write about a chef who creates these amazing meals (honestly, the mouth waters reading them) the least you can do is throw your readers a bone and include at least one delicious recipe. Brisket is mentioned at least 25 times.  And not just brisket.   We're talking Texas smoked brisket. Great.  Now I have to go out for barbeque.

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