Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sweet Bread in the Slow Cooker

Today I tried my hand at baking sweet bread in my slow cooker.  I've seen various methods and suggestions and decided to try it the easiest way first. Simple is best.

First, I made the batter.  Since I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out, I used a mix.  Also because Babyface and I finished the last of the bananas this morning when we had Healthy Cookies with peanut butter for breakfast. 

I generously sprayed the bread pan with cooking spray.  I used this metal tin since my glass bread pan didn't fit in the slow cooker (the handles made it too long).  Then I poured the batter into the bread pan.

I put the bread pan into the slow cooker.  No foil balls, no covering the top, no water, no nothing.  I propped the lid open a little with the help of a chopstick.

The bread baked on high for 3 hours.  My house smelled really good.  With the lid not on tightly, it did produce some heat in the kitchen.  Probably less than a quarter of what my oven produces.  Next time, I will do this on the porch since I don't care if it gets hot out there.

The knife test came out clean.  I took the bread pan out of the slow cooker and let it cool. I used the Ove Glove in the picture above (yes, I saw it on TV and it's great) after almost grabbing the pan with my bare hand. The bread looks a bit light in the photos but it turned out a nice, golden color.

After it cooled, I sliced it up and took it to a social gathering. It received rave reviews. 

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