Friday, September 10, 2010

2010 Goals: August Progress

I set specific 2010 goals so here's an update on my August progress.

As I mentioned, I was a traveling fool in August. I visited four cities — New Orleans and Phoenix for work and Denver and New York for fun. I did not blog much during my travels and then I came home exhausted. I'm very happy to be home and back to the usual. It really took me a while to become un-jet lagged and unwind.

1. I read 4 books this month, raising my yearly total to 58. I will post some more books that I've read soon. My goal of reading 100 books this year - I'm coming for you!

2. My writing group scheduled a meeting in September. I wrote an essay for Real Simple's contest. One of the writing group members critiqued it and I owe her an updated draft.

3. Submit... I had no idea that this would be as cumbersome a chore as it is. Well, I did not meet my goal of submitting once in August. But I'm on for September!

4. This is my 128th post of the year, so I'll take an educated guess that I'll post 200 times this year by Thanksgiving.

5. I will be run/walking a half marathon later this month! It seemed so far away when I started training for it this spring and signed up for it this summer. My longest run so far was 11.6 miles on Monday and I was beat when it was over! And my feet! So sore! I think the sneakers I've been training in are shot. I'm going to do my best to break a new pair of the same style in so I can wear them in the race.

My workout goal for August was 31 workouts! I went for walks, I did Yoga, I swam, I went for walk/jogs, I worked out in hotel gyms, and at rec centers, and even went for a 7.5 mile walking/jogging tour of New York City! 31 was a very ambitious goal and I got in 26 workouts!

6. This month I did not keep track of how many meat vs. vegetarian meals I ate. I definitely ate way more meat than I have been and ate vegetarian meals a whole lot more than not. I'm still reevaluating my kibosh on eating meat regularly and trying to figure out how I can be healthier.

Fun & Friends
7. This month I tried new foods and lots of them. For the first time, I had barbequed shrimp and beignets, neither at all healthy but amazingly delicious!. It's a good thing I walked everywhere in New Orleans. I also took a big leap out of my comfort zone by signing up for a running (though in my case, mostly walking with a little jogging) tour of NYC through City Running Tours. It was great!

8. Seeing friends. Even though I was gone a lot, I still exceeded my goal of seeing friends at least once a week. Good times all the way around! I went to a bridal shower and saw lots of lovely ladies, saw a friend from college who I haven's seen in ages, went to a Mad Men-themed party at a museum, went to a cookout, and went to New York City for a super fun weekend with one of my friends! I love New York and came home with a moderate case of New York envy.

9. My Heart's Desire and I didn't see each other in August as much as we usually do. And we had to spend a lot of our time together doing errands or chores. We did have plans to go out to brunch at a new restaurant I've wanted to try for restaurant week, but I cancelled the reservation after I decided I'd rather stay home and lounge instead.

10. Photo taken of My Heart's Desire and I? Nope.

11. Bonus! It's All Relative.
I had family fun with my sister and her husband, my mom, my dad and stepmom. It was all terrific! I also got to see one of my favorite aunts who I hadn't seen in too long.

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