Monday, August 23, 2010

Traveling Fool

No, I didn't fall off the Internet. I have been a traveling fool this month!

On the first flight, when I sat down in my airplane seat, I cracked open Laurie Notaro's Spooky Little Girl, which was $1 at the used bookstore. It was an adequate one-buck read, and I left it in the seat pocket for the next person to enjoy. 57/100

I often take cheap books with me on travels so that I don't have to bring them home. My Heart's Desire has pointed out that I could probably travel with just a carry-on if I had an electronic reader, and he's not wrong. But I hate the idea of reading books on a screen. I'm a tactile person, I need to feel the weight and heft of a book. I read mostly because I enjoy it, whereas staring at a screen feels like... work.

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