Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Greek Frittata

Since I made my first frittata last week, I've been on kind of a kick. Last night I made a broccoli/asparagus/sun-dried tomato/parmesan frittata. I liked it so much that after dinner, I made a Greek frittata to take to work today. And it was really good!

Greek Frittata
1 tsp butter (am out of olive oil)
½+ cup frozen chopped onion
1 tomato, roughly chopped
2 handfuls spinach, rinsed and roughly chopped
1 spoonful of Kalamata olives (chopped if you like)
2 eggs
¼ cup reduced-fat Feta chunks

1. Heat oil, then add the onions until it smells really good. Then add the tomatoes. After a few minutes toss in the spinach. Cook until the veggies are mostly done. Then add the olives.
2. Turn the heat down to low. Beat the eggs and mix in the Feta in a separate bowl. Pour the egg mix over the vegetables. Then leave it alone for at least 10 mins, or longer, until the eggs aren’t runny anymore.

With some soup it was a great lunch!

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