Sunday, February 2, 2014

5 Things I Learned: Easier Mornings for a Working Mom

Since I went back to work and Babyface started daycare in December, it's been a whole new routine for all of us.  Mornings can be particularly challenging. 

Here are 5 things I learned about how to have easier mornings:
  1. Planning meals.  So I've been planning out as much as I can in advance.  For years I've made weekly/biweekly/monthly dinner plans.  Now I've added lunches and snacks to it as well.  I was finding it tiresome to pack lunches daily.  So now on Sunday nights I make Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday lunch bags.  If I plan on having leftovers for lunch on Tues or Wed, I just note that on the bag so I can add it.  And on Mondays, I bring in a big bag with veggies, salad dressing, and an emergency protein bar. On Wednesday nights I pack bags for Thursday and Friday.  Since I make Babyface's lunches, I do the same for him.
  2. Since I stopped watching TV on weeknights, I have more time in the evenings and I get to do things that I like to do more.  Because I'm not rushing to get things done or zoning out in front of Netflix, I'm also going to bed on time and that makes getting up easier too.
  3. Get up earlier than everyone else.  I'm lucky because Babyface is usually a pretty great sleeper (knock on wood).  I like to exercise in the mornings and check it off for the day.  It also gives me quiet time on the treadmill or bike.
  4. Picking out clothes in advance.  It feels a little silly to pick out five outfits on Sunday night, especially since I am not a clotheshorse.  However, it makes my mornings run much more smoothly since all of the decision making's already been done.  I pick out five outfits, put necklaces on the hangers, and write down which earrings to wear on what day.  
  5. Set a backup alarm.  Sometimes when my alarm goes off at 5:08 am, I just can't get up.  This has been particularly true lately since it's been cold enough to use the electric blanket at night.  So I always set a backup alarm for 7, which is the latest I can get up and ready without rushing.  

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