Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Healthy Role Model

I don't know her age, what she does for a living, or even what her name is, but my healthy role model (MHRM) is already doing the healthy things I want to be doing.  She's definitely closer to my mom's age than mine, has shortish red hair in a sensible haircut, and is very fit. MHRM must live near my neighborhood because I see her regularly. Whatever I'm considering, she's already got down pat.

When I belonged to the gym, whenever I got there in the morning, she'd already be there, lifting.  And not the light weights, either.  When I go  for long walks in Rock Creek Park, MHRM's already there.  I'm not exaggerating when I say she laps me.
I go to the grocery store, armed with my list, and she's already there, buying produce.  Later I sneak a peek in her cart and am not surprised to find it full of healthy foods.  When it's very cold outside, sometimes I see MHRM at the county pool, getting dressed as I arrive and hurriedly shove my bag into a locker. She's already done when I pull on my goggles.

MHRM is not a young woman and of course she has wrinkles and laugh lines. She is beautiful and strong and confident.  When I see her, I am inspired.

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