Friday, February 14, 2014

Bargain Day: Real Simple Subscription

Last year I bought a year of Real Simple on sale for $12—half of the regular subscription price of $24.  On a recent issue was a notice saying that my subscription was going to auto-renew at $33, a truly terrible price.  So I called and opted out of the auto renew. I enjoy reading it and have even made a few of their recipes, with varying success.  

Anyway, about a week later I got an email offering me the regular subscriber price of $24.  After some thorough Googling, I couldn't find a better deal, though it seems about once a year they offer a subscription at a low rate to add subscribers. 

So I sent an email and asked if they could offer me the $12 price again.  I figured not but it never hurts to ask.   I was prepared to wait for the annual sale so I could get a bargain. I was pleasantly surprised to get an email response a few days later confirming my Real Simple renewal for $12.  It never hurts to ask.

I also like to subscribe to Real Simple because they featured my answer to their question: "What would you do for an extra $100?" in September 2008. What would I do with an extra $100? I'm so glad you asked.

My 2008 answer:
$8 pineapple chunks from Whole Foods
$10 roll of quarters to keep in ashtray for parking
$12 greeting cards to have handy
$15 books glorious books!
$15 new umbrella
$40 lunch for two at Indian buffet

My 2014 answer:
$45 mani-pedi
$55 travel fund

What would you do with an extra hundred bucks?

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