Friday, December 27, 2013

Good News and Good Cooking

December is usually a very busy month and this year it's been even busier than usual.  I started a new job earlier this month.  So far, it's been great.  Interesting work, nice people and a short commute.  I'm learning, asking questions and taking lots of notes in my notebook.  This job mostly uses my organizational skills. If you know me at all, you know I'm no stranger to lists, checklists, databases, forms or spreadsheets.

The transition to work has been pretty smooth.  And instead of wearing some variation of jeans and a black t-shirt every day, I wear my work clothes.  Shirt with collars!  Necklaces! Shoes without laces! It feels like I'm putting on my grown up costume. 

In an attempt to make dinnertimes easier, I cooked.  Though My Heart's Desire and I have divided the home chores and meals differently now, I wanted to make our evenings as easy as possible.  Babyface goes to bed pretty early and I wanted us to spend time with him rather than over the stove.
A few years ago My Heart's Desire bought a chest freezer (thanks, Craigslist) and both crocks worked overtime to pack it with meals. I filled almost two sets of Pyrex casserole dishes and plenty of plastic containers.  I made mostly standbys and tried one new recipe, light king ranch casserole. When we get to it, I'll let you know how we liked it.

December Dinners
Mac and cheese with broccoli casserole
Three bean chili
Mushroom quiche

Chicken tortilla soup
Chicken tortilla soup
Italian-style meatloaf
Light king ranch casserole
Balsamic chicken
Pasta bake

Grandma's old fashioned granola
In addition, I baked five chicken breasts and cut them up to use in future meals or to add to lunchtime salads.  I also made a big batch of Grandma's old fashioned granola for Babyface.

Having dinners ready to go really does make evenings easier. We also have dinner as a family more often, instead of My Heart's Desire and I eating after Babyface goes to bed.  I used to have breakfast with Babyface and My Heart's Desire would have lunch with him, but with our new schedule that doesn't work anymore.  So family dinners are pretty great.

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