Monday, December 2, 2013

November Report

Now that the whirlwind month of November is over I can report on my first attempt at National Novel Writing Month. Writing an entire book in a month is a very ambitious goal and it is definitely one that got me going.  

I've been an early riser for the past few years and pushed the alarm back a bit more so that I could write in the mornings before it was time for everyone else to rise and shine.  When Daylight Saving Time ended, it was even darker and colder at 5am.  I loved typing while the rest of the house slept.  I even made a fire or two.  I also snuck out to Starbucks or the library some afternoons with my laptop. 

Did I write an entire 50k word book? No.  I got in about 15k words.  Did I write more in November than in the previous year cumulatively? Yes.  Having writing on the front burner has me consistently mulling, making notes, and then going back to them and writing. 

It doesn't matter that I didn't meet the goal of writing the entire book.  Or that my computer has a horrible virus.  And that the backup netbook doesn't work properly. Or that Babyface got sick.  Or the unexpected family tasks.  

NaNoWriMo helped me include regular writing into my routine.  I plan to continue working on my project.  One of the stories I want to work on as a standalone piece, workshop it and then send it out for consideration. 

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