Monday, April 30, 2012

Earth Day 5k

I signed up to participate in an Earth Day 5k with a friend.  I really waffled on whether I was going to go or not since I really wasn't able to train for it at all.  We had agreed to walk the race and I was glad.  It turned out to be a perfect spring morning and we walked the race.  S-l-o-w.
We walked and chatted and literally everyone else participating passed us.  Old people, a really pregnant woman, a couple with a stroller, and an eight-year-old girl passed us.  I did not care.  No matter how slow we walked, we were still faster than everyone on the couch.  I did find it unnecessary when the winner passed us twice.  According to the official statistics, I came in second to last (by one second) so my slowest pace still stands.  It was my first race since before I got pregnant with Babyface and I felt good when it was over. 

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