Tuesday, April 24, 2012

2012 Goals: Second Quarter

What did I learn from my first quarter goals? Well, they were not as easily achievable as I thought. And that it only takes one thing to go awry (illness, business trip) to throw a wrench in the routine. My second quarter goals are to accomplish the things I've had in mind this year.
Here are my goals for April—June:

1) My goal for this quarter is to update a personal essay that I wrote last year, polish it, and send it out for submission to Washingtonian and The New York Times.
2) Blog at least twice a week. I'm lowering the bar here since I think two posts is more realistic. If I can get in three (or more) that'll be great but I won't feel like a slacker if I don't.

3) The shared plan with a friend and Google document did not work out as I had hoped. I have a home workout plan that was created with the help of a wonderful personal trainer. I am following the plan four times a week. I am committing to working out four times a week and writing it all down on paper. I see the trainer once or twice a month and have real accountability. I have had to economize in several areas in order to afford it and find it's worth it.

4) My Heart's Desire and I will continue to go on dates at least once a month. We leave Babyface with a sitter and go out together. Having established this routine is something that I really look forward to. Sometimes it also works out that we can have lunch during the week and that's really nice too. It also allows us to have adult conversation that is not about baby poop.

5) The parenting classes that I have been taking with Babyface have been terrific. They are partly group led and partly instructor led, really the best of both. Classes are only through the school year, so after May we are off for the summer. I belong to a few parenting and mom organizations that I haven't been participating in much. My goals are to attend at least three events.

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