Thursday, May 3, 2012

2012 Goals: April Update

1) I found the personal essay that I want to revise and it really needs work.  My process includes mulling and that's the stage I'm in now.
2) I blogged 7 times this month, which is a big improvement over March's single post.

3) I worked out four times a week and wrote it all down on paper. I was tortured by my trainer once this month and the following day I was so sore even putting on my bathrobe hurt.   

4) I far exceeded my goal of going on a date with My Heart's Desire at least once a month. My mom visited and she encouraged us to go out (of course she just wanted to love Babyface) so we went out for a fancy dinner to slightly belatedly celebrate our five year anniversary and another night we went to a movie.  Then my dad and stepmom visited and they took care of Babyface while we snuck out to another movie and took a trip to Target.

5) The parenting classes that I have been taking with Babyface have been terrific. They are partly group led and partly instructor led, really the best of both. Classes are only through the school year, so after May we are off for the summer. I belong to a few parenting and mom organizations that I haven't been participating in much. My goals are to attend at least three events.

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