Saturday, April 7, 2012

2012 Goals: March Update

March was all lion, no lamb.  In the middle of the month, I got sick.  Just as I was starting to get better I got sick from something else.  I did not even manage to do the bare minimum this month.  Babyface and My Heart's Desire also got sick.  It was not fun at our house.

1) I did not do a submissions mailing this month. I had an essay in mind to revise and submit and didn't manage. 
2) My goals was to blog at least three times a week. With one post in March, I didn't even come close.  

3) I did not log my workouts and frankly, there wasn't much to log.  I was unable to workout for almost three weeks and it really did not feel good.  My body felt stiff and I didn't sleep as well as I usually do.  Also, the person that I was sharing the Google document with hasn't logged anything (best laid plans and all that). 

I'm still planning on participating in the Earth Day 5k even though my training took a hit.  There are serious runners as well as families with strollers.  I really might be last.  And I don't care if I am. 
4) My Heart's Desire and I went out on two dates.  The first one was right before I got sick.  A friend gave My Heart's Desire tickets to a hockey game so we went.  The seats were terrific and it was a fun night.  My Heart's Desire's birthday is in March and I had arranged a sitter way in advance so that we could go out.  I still wasn't feeling well so we went to a barbeque restaurant that he likes.
Community Service
5) Finally!  I took the bags of nonperishable food I've been driving around and dropped it off.

6) We made it to two of the three parenting classes in March. Most of the babies are older than Babyface so I get a preview of what he's going to be doing.

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