Saturday, March 17, 2012

2012 Goals: February Update

Staring in February I've been feeling like a circus performer balancing spinning plates on sticks. My plates had dinner, clean clothes, and diapers on them. Having goals is good and some of these will have to be modified.

1) I did not do a submissions mailing this month. March it is.
 2) My goals was to blog at least three times a week. With 6 posts this month, I was about halfway there. I'm going to try and keep some running drafts that I can work on when I get time for fits and starts, since sitting down and writing has been taking a backseat to lying down and napping.

3) I did log all my workouts. My goal for the month was 20 workouts and I logged in 12. I went for walks, outside and on the treadmill, took a post-natal movement class, and strength training (free weights and resistance bands).
 I know that strength training is key to being healthy. It's been a long time since I did it consistently. I did a two-hour session with a personal training powerhouse that helped one of my good friends reach her fitness goals. Our session created a home workout for me to do and we agreed that four days a week was an achievable goal for me. I left with an upper body/abs and lower body/abs workout that I feel comfortable doing. The following day can best be summed up thusly: ow, ow, ow, ow, ow! I texted my friend that I didn't like her anymore. I also feel sore after I do the home workout (though not as) so I know I'm working those muscles. 

Thrifty though I am, I broke down and bought my first new pair of workout shoes in more than two years!  It's amazing how much better my knees feel post-workout when my feet are getting adequate support.

 4) My Heart's Desire and I went out on two daytime dates! The first was lunch at my favorite Indian restaurant near his office. We used to go there a lot when we were dating so I'm a bit sentimental about the place. The food is really terrific too. On our second date we had a babysitter come over and we had frozen yogurt and went to a movie (his choice). It's hard for me to be out without Babyface and I only cried a little.

 Community Service
5) I put all the food together into bags and have been driving it around in my car.

6) The new session of parenting classes started and it was wonderful to see familiar faces and some new ones. All of the babies are so different it's interesting to watch them grow. Of course, I also love to see them play together, in a big old baby dogpile.  Trees Make the Best Mobiles is our unofficial text and I am loving it.

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