Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Lost Wife

I read so many books with wife in the title —The 19th Wife, The 9th Wife, The Senator's Wife, The Pretend Wife, The Pilot's Wife, The Time Travelers Wife, The Spare Wife, The Wife's Tale, American Wife — that I imposed a girl-cott on reading any others.  I made an exception for this book. 

Alyson Richman's The Lost Wife is historical fiction at it's best: well-written, intriguing, and educational.  A Jewish couple who marry in Prague are separated a few days later when the bride refuses to leave the country without her family.  This isn't a love story, it's what happens during the 60 years that they are apart, each having learned that the other was dead.  The book starts at the end, where they meet at a wedding all those years later.  I bought this book on my Kindle and could hardly put it down until I was done.


Lisa Schamess said...

my fiance and i actually came up with the brilliant realization that to have a best-selling book, you only have to put The in front and 's Daughter at the end.

just a thought.

Amina Hafiz Sarraf said...

If you write the something's wife, you could follow up with the something's daughter, and end your trilogy with bees.