Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Goals: First Quarter

What I really need to go is start at the beginning with almost everything.  These are things that I think that I can achieve.  If all goes well, my goals for next quarter will be a little more ambitious.

Here are my goals for January - March:

1) Know what's at least as important as actually writing?  Submitting.  My goal for this quarter is to do one mailing and submit polished work for publication. 
2) Blog at least three times a week.  I like doing it and sometimes it gets the ball rolling for other writing.

3) It's time to get the booty moving! I agreed to share a google document with a friend to be accountable and commit to working out.  I really feel better when I workout and I'm a beginner again.  I'm going to log all my workouts and commit to 20 in 30 days.

4) My Heart's Desire and I will go on dates at least once a month.  We will leave Babyface with a sitter and go out together.  We haven't done this much since he was born, but I will make it a priority.

Community Service
5) Make a donation to a local food bank. I know they get a lot of donations around Thanksgiving and Christmas, but people are hungry in January too.  When we go to Costco, I'm planning to pick up some things (peanut butter, macaroni and cheese, cereal, etc)  to donate.

6) It's really important for me to learn how to be a good parent.  I've been taking parenting education classes and want to continue to do so.  I learn a lot from books, but it's also important to learn from professionals and be around peers who are going through similar experiences.

UPDATE: These goals were mentioned in the National Endowment for the Arts The Write Stuff blog!

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