Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Today I got up early and run/walked for 3.4 miles, went to work, smiled every time I saw the pink and yellow gerber daisies on my desk, had a nice chat with my mom, went to Takoma Park, found the perfect birthday gift for my honorary Jewish grandmother at a hippie store, met with my writer's group for dinner, went to a fiction reading at my alma mater, bought the book (will review later, have read a few stories and am really liking so far), connected with some fellow alums and my favorite teacher, left around 10 (on a school night!), spoke with my cousin about her upcoming summer wedding (love is in the air! so exciting!), came home, found my hippie wool dryer balls (use instead of fabric softener to make clothes soft and static-free) arrived from Vermont, and am going to read a little then go to bed.

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