Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Favorite Things

This month, my favorite things are:

1. Fage. This Greek Yogurt is so good, it's become my standard breakfast. It's not at all sweet like regular yogurt but is full of creamy deliciousness.

2. Used bookstore. The friends of the county library offer steals and deals. I recently found Never Let Me Go book on CD for $8 in great shape. I go to the library at least twice weekly, but when I'm traveling I like to pick up cheap books I don't have to bring back.

3. Gratitude. I joined a group of women where we each send out 5 things to be grateful for each day. At first, it was hard to think of 5 things to be grateful for. Now I'm looking for things. It's also served as a slow but sure and steady attitude adjustment.

4. Gym. I've been going more often and doing weights and strength training, as well as using different cardio machines (I'm looking at you, StairMaster) to ramp up my cardio. This month I've gotten a big push out of my comfort zone -- ow ow ow, in the best way.

5. So much to do, so little time. I have standing commitments and often want to do other stuff, for fun or education or socialize or whatever. What I've realized is that I really need to look ahead when I'm scheduling because otherwise I end up busy and overwhelmed. Commandment #8: Create a schedule that works for me is really something I've been working on lately. I've decided not to add anything regular to my schedule for a while.

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