Sunday, September 27, 2009

Thrifty Girl Report

Curl up and dye
So in the late spring I started coloring my own hair once a month for about $10 instead of spending $65 + tip for one color at the salon. Doesn't last as long and sometimes doesn't come out as good, but I'm basically just coloring the roots and grown out highlights so it's all right. Last month I braved an inexpensive haircut by a hairdresser recommended by the local magazine and spent $21 + tip on my new 'do. I didn't like it that much at first, but a few weeks later I was loving it.

Even though it takes some time to cut out and organize, then actually use coupons, I've been doing it. The grocery stores I like double coupons and I usually end up saving more than $10.


Instead of charging, I've been taking out cash and spending it. This is something I have definitely not been in the habit of, until recently. It's interesting how I see things as either/or instead of both.

Yes, it's really early! I've already made my shopping list and checked it once for what I'm going to do for holiday gifts. This way I can have a few more months to buy. I also love, love, love holiday music and make a CD to share with friends. I've already started this as well.

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