Wednesday, August 7, 2013


When I was pregnant, I was too busy being exhausted, scared, and happy to think about nesting.  I let My Heart's Desire (who is a very handy man) be in charge of creating a nursery.

We went back and forth about making the guest room (the bigger room) the nursery or my office (the smaller room with a tiny closet).  The pros for making the guest room the nursery was that it was bigger and could fit more baby stuff and comfy spots for us.  The con was that a single bed would barely fit in my office and we needed a nice place for guests.  So they could stay and help with Babyface, of course.

Home office
My Heart's Desire did a great job making my office a lovely nursery.  He put the crib together, got the changing table from Craigslist, and made space for my office stuff in other rooms.  He also sorted the baby clothes by size so that we'd have what we needed handy.

I thought I had successfully avoided nesting.  I had no interest in painting, organizing, deep cleaning, or similar.  After this picture was taken My Heart's Desire even installed wall to wall carpet tiles, making it the coziest room in the house.  I'll take a picture of how the nursery looks now and post it soon.
Nursery before baby came home
Lately I've been feeling like I want to get rid of anything unnecessary.  So far I've sold a few things online (having a virtual yard sale on Craigslist) and made several trips to Goodwill.  Three years later, my instincts kicked in and I want things to be as simple as possible.

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