Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Babyface is currently going through a climbing phase.  We go to the playground regularly and he plays outside every day.  I've been keeping my eye out for an inexpensive outdoor play structure for the yard.  

My mom recently visited and I mentioned to her that someone in my neighborhood has a play structure (like the one pictured) in the front yard and that I have never seen any kids playing on it. 
Outdoor climbing cube with slide
Never one to let a potential bargain go by, my mom knocked on the door, introduced herself, and found out that the owner was getting a new outdoor climbing  structure and would be happy to pass hers down to me.  So if anyone wonders, the apple did not fall far from the frugal tree. 

Lo and behold, two weeks later I get a message saying we can pick it up.  My Heart's Desire and I disassembled it, brought it home, and gave it a good scrub.  Babyface loves it!  He likes crawling in and out, climbing up the sides, hiding under the platform, and going down the slide.  He calls it Wheee!  

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