Monday, January 28, 2013

January Goal

What I do every day makes a bigger difference than what I just do sometimes.

For January, my goal is to workout every day.  I've been trying this off and on since late fall, with mixed results.  I decided to use the don't break the chain technique.  Armed with a free calendar from the hardware store and a new, black Sharpie, I have been marking off the days.  The X's mark off walks/jogs, weight lifting, swims, Yoga, and miles on the treadmill. 

It's also changed the question from, "Am I going to work out today?" to "What workout am I going to do today?"  That works well for me because I can very easily talk myself out of a workout.

I do best when I can workout in the morning but that isn't always possible.  I marked one day with a big S when I was really too sick to work out.  The following day I did Yoga at home with a box of tissues and cup of apple cinnamon tea.  

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