Monday, January 28, 2013

2013: A Year of Change

I haven't forgotten about the not-so-young New Year. I've been mulling over what I want to do.

In 2009, I set 9 commandments.

In 2010, I set 10 annual goals.

In 2012, I set quarterly goals.

What I do know for sure is that 2013 is going to be a year of change.  I'm a person that does well with a schedule and a routine.  I find great value to having a rhythm and routine for days, weeks, months, and seasons.  I'm a planner, that much is true.  I like knowing what is coming up and preparing for it.  I'm no stranger to lists, spreadsheets, checklists, and timelines in my personal and professional lives. I've been told I run a tight ship.

What am I having for dinner next Monday?  Funny you should ask, it's pasta bake (already made and in the deep freeze) with green salad.  What do I keep in the diaper bag?  Let me just glance at the checklist.  What do I need to throw a  baby shower?  I've got a spreadsheet with all the details and a playlist ready to go.  How long does it take to get a proof from the printer?  Usually less than 24 hours but I budget two days for it.

Being a planner can lead me to be a bit on the rigid side. However, I've become a lot more flexible since I became a parent. I am very far from being a go-with-the-flow, laissez-faire type of person, but I'm learning to be more adaptable.  It's better to bend than break.

For 2013, I'm setting monthly goals. The January post will be up shortly.

Wish me luck!  And tell me what your goals are in the comments below.

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