Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fall/Winter Books II

I consumed Margot Berwin's Hothouse Flower: and the Nine Plants of Desire (Vintage Contemporaries).  This novel was another $2 find from the library used bookstore and it would have been a bargain at twice the price, as my Aunt would say.  The book is about a thirty-two year old Manhattan woman still healing from her divorce when she decides to bring a plant into her all white studio apartment. What follows is adventure, love, magic, travel, desire, and more!  88/100

A good friend happily handed over The Birth House: A Novel (P.S.) by Ami Mckay and I was intrigued by this historical novel, set in Canada in the early 20th century, and the teenaged protagonist who is sent to live with the local midwife one winter when she's too old to stay in the one-room house with her brothers.  Interesting story and good writing.  89/100

It's not often I can feel my IQ dropping, but reading Nicole Richie's Priceless: A Novel certainly did the job.  If you're going to hire a ghostwriter, why not hire one that can actually write?  You may be wondering why I would read a book like this (embarrassing to be seen with in public) and the answer may surprise you: Ellen Degeneres.  My mom was in the audience of Ellen and left with this book.  My mom was too embarrassed to have it in her house so she sent me home with it with instructions to leave in whichever airport I finished it in.  90/100

I picked up the audiobook of Jeff Lindsay's Dexter by Design: A Novel (Vintage Crime/Black Lizard) so that My Heart's Desire and I could listen to it on a car trip.  We got through about a third of it, then I was hooked.  I'm not usually fond of crime novels (particularly when the murderer is the good-ish guy), but I found this to be clever and the story held my attention.  91/100

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I liked the birth house too!