Thursday, September 13, 2012

5 Things I Learned: Traveling With Babyface

This summer we took Babyface on a cross-country flight to California. 

Last weekend we went on a road trip.  Both were visits to see family.  Those were Babyface's first flights and long drives.  I thought we were pretty well prepared and for the most part we were. 

Here are 5 things I learned about traveling with Babyface:

  1. It's totally worth it to buy Babyface his own seat on the plane. Yes, it's expensive and it was worth every penny. Because we had bought his seat, we were able to carry his car seat on the plane.  Babyface had a great place to nap and My Heart's Desire and I didn't have to hold him the entire time. We also had a whole row to ourselves and didn't have to worry about bothering the person sitting next to us.
  2. Bring way more food for everyone. When I thought I had brought enough food for Babyface, he was sure to go on a tear and eat everything up. Also, I need to have snacks handy too, it's not enough to have food for the little one. When I get hungry, I get grouchy.  Granola bars, cheese, veggies, or fruit can remedy the situation.
  3. Add at least an hour and a half to the road trip time estimate.  We had to stop much more frequently and our stops were for a whole lot longer than they used to be. 
  4. Manage expectations.  Traveling with Babyface is so different than when I would travel alone or with another adult.  The pace varies greatly, especially when he was taking two naps daily in another time zone. 
  5. Take people up on their offers to watch Babyface.  In California, My Heart's Desire and I were able to have a couple of meals as well as go to a weekday matinee.  We had fun while Babyface was being adored as favorite grandson/nephew.

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