Saturday, June 9, 2012

Baby Food for Babyface

Everything that Babyface eats, I make.  I've been pretty much steaming veggies and fruits and then puréeing them in the small food processor.  On weekends, I spend an hour or so making purees and then freezing them in ice cube trays.  It's been fine but as the weather gets warmer, I don't like heating up the house.
Last weekend I poked holes in sweet potatoes with a sharp knife, put them in the slow cooker with a cup of water or so, and cooked them on low for three hours.  Then I pureed them in the small food processor.  So easy!  And it doesn't heat up the whole kitchen like using the oven or stove.

About a month ago I broke our old small food processor, it was the 2.5 cup Cuisiniart mini, which had done its job for at least seven years.  So when My Heart's Desire saw this one on sale at Costco, he snapped it up for a song.  It has no bells or whistles, but is perfect for this job.

At the farm stand today I bought some beets and am going to try them in the slow cooker tomorrow.  I puree everything — the beets, the stalks, and the greens.  So far beets are a big hit with Babyface.

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