Saturday, June 2, 2012

2012 Goals: May Update

1) My writing group decided to share work in mid-June.  It turns out I wasn't that crazy about the essay so now I'm mulling on something else.
2)  Just like in April, I blogged 7 times this month, which is just shy of my goal of 8 times. 

3) I worked out four times a week and wrote it all down on paper. I have to be flexible since Babyface sometimes still gets up in the middle of the night.  One night when he was teething with a fever, he got up every 90 minutes from 7pm - 4am.

4) I did not go on any dates with My Heart's Desire.  I emailed our babysitter to make arrangements and found out she was going to India for a while.  So, no date for us.  I also put up an ad for a backup babysitter.

5) The parenting classes were extended by another month so Babyface and I are enjoying that very much.  I listened to most of Jane Eyre (just to get that extra Britishness) and attended a book club through one of the Mom organizations I belong to.  It is always strange showing up to an event where I know nobody, but I was glad I went.

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