Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mercury in Retrograde

Amazon recommended Paula Froelich's Mercury in Retrograde to me. After reading the reviews I decided to wait until I stumbled across it at the used bookstore. Lo and behold, I did and parted with $2 for the paperback.

It's easy to tell this novel is written by the former editor of Page 6 and is liberally sprinkled with horoscopes for the various characters, which wasn’t my favorite. $2 is the most I could part with for a book like this. Three stock heroines, a plucky journalist (is there any other kind?) of the Bridget Jones variety, a brave but scared attorney (professionally successful, personal life a blank), and the requisite socialite (financial cutoff from parents ensues shortly). If you need a book to read and leave on a flight for eight quarters or less, look no further. 64/100

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