Friday, November 20, 2009

Thrifty Girl Report - November

Can I live without it?
There are a lot of things I would like (or love) to have but when I ask myself, "Can I live without it?" I can differentiate between a want and a need.

Mail-In Rebates
Oh, I'll mail it in. Last month I bought a new phone for $129 and they offered a $100 rebate. I mailed that in quick, fast, and in a hurry. I don't even care that it takes 10-14 weeks for the rebate, money's coming!

Brown Bag Lunch
I usually go out to lunch about once a week with a friend or coworker. But I've also been having brown bag lunches with coworkers, where we get to chat and catch up over our sammies and salads. It's no additional expense and lots of fun.

Matinee, please
My Heart's Desire and I go through phases where we go to the movies a lot. And that gets expensive. I have a rewards card with one theater we go to a lot and use it on every purchase. Going to the early show for the matinee saves us $.

Coupons and deals
I regularly check websites like Retail Me Not and The Consumerist for information on deals.

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