Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Gratitude

This Thanksgiving I’m really grateful. Most of all, for the fantastic people in my life.

I usually don't get to see my immediate family members very often. This year, I’ve seen everyone at least twice. This is a challenge for us because we live in 3 different states and 1 foreign country.

This spring I went to California for work and I was able to stay a few extra days and see friends and family. It was great! I was able to hug, hang out, and eat yummy meals with people I haven’t seen in ages. My mom hosted a brunch at her place for me and three of my Aunts, where we were able to catch up with each other. And I also got to meet my BFF’s then-boyfriend, now fiancé.

One of my good friends from college came out to DC and we got to chat it up over fish tacos. It was fantastic to see her! I also saw my college roommate when I was in Vegas, who I hadn't seen in ages. So good to catch up!

In addition to all of this great fun, there were some more formal occasions as well. I showered some friends with bridal love. I witnessed and danced at a good friend's wedding. I met My Heart's Desire's best friend's twins (one girl, one boy) on the day they were born. Even on the few sad occasions, I was able to appreciate the covenant of family.

I have been able to work with my mentor regularly, and she gives me the skills I need to work with my mentees. It really is amazing to watch my mentees change and grow!

I've also created some traditions with friends, like a monthly brunch, which I enjoy and allows other people to join our group for friendship. I also see a few close friends regularly, and we've played hooky and gone to the movies (always a favorite of mine), and have an annual lunch and cookie decorating date to kick off the holidays. This year we threw in an inexpensive pedicure too!

This year, more and more I have been appreciating the wonderful people in my life.

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