Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pennies From Heaven

I recently received a check for $78.27 from the health insurance provider I had in 2004. I was not reimbursed properly for some physician co-pays 5 years ago. And my gym sent me a check for $96.75.

How, oh how, to spend this unexpected money?

• $34.34 on a new, cute wallet – mine has bitten the dust (zipper broke on coin pocket, sends change flying everywhere)
• $21.58 on Q-Tips (seriously), buy 2 big honking packages, get 1 big honking package free. How could I resist? Each Q-Tip is only $.0041!
• $9.04 on mascaras (2), one for home, one for gym bag
• $24.99 on pedometer (Consumer Reports recommended)
= $89.95 on fun, necessities, and fitness

Which leaves $85.07 as a bonus credit card payment. Yay!

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