Saturday, October 3, 2009

In which I go to Wal-Mart (despite my 20-year girlcott)

Yesterday I did something I thought I would never do. I went to Wal-Mart.

I'd been staying with my Mom and was bitten or stung by something repeatedly and was having an allergic reaction. I needed Benadryl and I needed it bad. I had already taken my emergency tablet that I keep in my cosmetic bag last month when I got stung by a bee picking raspberries.

Where oh where was I to get Benadryl, the magical elixir? Only one place in town carries it: Wal-Mart.

So off I went, to the unhappiest place on Earth. Wal-Mart, which not only carried Benadryl, also was big and clean and well-stocked and sold it to me cheap. Blessed relief from swelling, stinging, and sneezing!

Here's hoping I can go another 20 years before setting foot in a Wal-Mart again. And I already replaced my Benadryl spare.

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